Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Yeah.......

Aren't these wonderful? Sadly they are all spoken for. The Black one belongs to my friend Dawn at Sassy Talk. I had to fix it for her, One is my friend Kates, one belongs to my Auntie Kathy and the rest are headed down to Cali to Bonnie's shop, Junk in the Trunk. I blogged about it in my last post. Hope you are all doing great!

XOXO~ Mamie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grass Valley California

my sister Connie, me, my grandma and my sister Lori

I haven't taken the time to blog about California yet. Scott and I went at the end of April to celebrate my Grandma's 90th Birthday. She is such a cutie. We had a great time celebrating with my family. My mom's family are a rowdy bunch. They can party with the best of them that is for sure! I think my grandma was pleased. It was fun watching her interact with friends that knew my Grandpa who passed away 26 years ago.

Scott and I took a lot of time together just to be alone. It was nice, we need to do that more often. We walked around the town of Grass Valley, went antiquing. Found some great spoons for rings and found the cutest little shop called Junk in the Trunk. The shops owner Bonnie is the nicest lady who is so talented. She has an eye for vintage and has such a fun way of packaging things. She wraps the item in a pattern instead of tissue and then her bags are paper popcorn bags. Everything in her store was like that. Just, unique, clever and so much fun!

Bonnie is going to start selling my bracelets in her shop as well as spoon rings. I am excited, as I consider it an honor that she approves of my jewelery to be sold in her darling shop!

It was hard to come home, we left the kids on their own for the first time and they did great. We just needed a few more days alone together. Scott take note of this!

Hope you have a great day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summa's A Comin

[photo from The Old Painted Cottage]

Ahhh, we are revamping our home. It is about time, I haven't really done much since the first year we have lived here. I am in love with this blog. Jenn's style is right up my alley, it's somewhere between Romantic Prairie and Industrial Vintage. I am excited to get going on mine. I splurged on Amazon and purchased this book, this book and this book. I love them all. I will keep you posted on the updates. Paint is first, and Scott is adding some moulding to our living room windows. It should look great! It is cool and stormy here today. I LOVE IT! Feels somewhat normal! Hope you are well!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Announcement......(.At The Bottom of Post)

golden scholar Johnnie

I have been having anxiety lately. More than usual I guess. I feel like I have a lot of irons in the fire, which I come by very naturally. My Dad is the worst at that. I am soooo much like him in soooo many ways, but this by far is our most similar character trait.

I love to create. I really do. I would love to be motivated enough to have one of those amazing blogs that I follow and be able to post everyday interesting stuff that people would love to read and follow me. It would be so fun to be the subject of conversation, "oh I got that idea off of Mamie's" but as nice as that would be, I do not think that is in the cards for me. Lots of reasons why that is, but I will spare you the boring details. You are probably thinking, can still blog but not have to be a famous blogger. That is true, I agree, 100%!

I don't like feeling that I am doing this half way. I don't like feeling like it is not my best and it's not. That is honest.

I love this blog lately. This is what I intended mine to be, but instead I think I will just enjoy the many, many, many resources out their to inspire, encourage and uplift me on a daily basis.

So am I quiting Mamie's?

No, not really. I think Mamie's will probably go towards more of my real treasures and turn into more of my family blog. Because really, my treasures are those guys. I just have to watch myself with this, for being a person whose mouth runs constantly and who lacks a decent filter to say the least. I don't know how much personal I want to share. I know, strange, I don't get it either.

But, you still need to exercise your creative outlet you say?

Yes, therefore my facebook page and etsy shop will stay open. I still make my beautiful bracelets and have so many sitting on my counter right at this moment waiting to be assembled. And the spoon rings that are almost polished are to die for. Having a hard time parting with some!

And now for the biggest and best announcement for me.

This fall I will be going back to school full time. I have been fighting this for years and have had some rather touching, but strong personal revelation just as of late that now is the time to do this.

I don't know what kind of toll this is going to take on us. I am certain however that I need to get in, get out and get it done. I know I am not supposed to drag this out. Hence the full time.

What I am going to be?

A Teacher. I think kindergarten or first grade. I don't know why that age is important to me but it is. I think it is because I secretly still want to nibble their little fingers, although I would never do that. How embarrassing!

That is what I started 23 years ago and that is what I shall be. My patriarchal blessing told me that when I was 17 years old. If you don't know what that is, click here. I always just thought that by influencing children through church or volunteering at the school would be sufficient, but it is not. I am supposed to do more.

Now is the time.

Teacher, teacher, what do you see?

I see children looking at me!

XOXO~ Mamie