Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Hiatus

[We stay in the little tiny town of West Port. A little trivia for you, the town of Willits that you see on the map? That is where Seabiscuts ranch is. He is buried somewhere out on the Howard ranch. Cool Huh?]

Well after all of the hoopla with graduation this week, we turn around and head north for my nephew's wedding. We get to throw in a few more graduations along the way. So fun, it is rewarding being able to be apart of these memories.

When the wedding is over and the newlyweds are long gone into the sunsets of Mexico the rest of the gang makes our bi-annual pilgrimage to the Northern California coast. This has been a long time tradition amongst my clan. Providing many wonderful memories along the way. We have camped at the same campground on the coast since I was 2 years old.

Upon marrying me Scott developed a great love for this tradition also. He loves it more than I do. I think if we could live anywhere in the world this would be the place he would choose. It is so much fun.

What we do while we are there may seem strange. We take long walks on the beach, sit for hours and watch the kids race hermit crabs, and look for starfish, urchins and all sorts of other creatures that live in the tide pools. We look for abalone shells, agate rocks and if your lucky a piece of blue sea glass that has made its way back to shore.

We take a day and drive up to see the Redwood trees. If you have never seen these magnificent creations put that on your bucket list. I feel the spirit so strong when we are in that forest. I like to close my eyes and touch the trees and think to myself that these living things were alive and growing in the time that America was discovered, and hundreds of years prior.

My Grammy comes with us each time. She is so cute and I love that she still wants to be with our rowdy crowd. When my Grandma and my Mom are together one thing you can count on is wonderful food. An abundance of comfort food always ready for the taking. It is all part of the experience.

So this is why I am taking a little time off. I do have a freedom banner I am making for Melissa that I will post before I leave. And I am sure to have many more ideas throughout the summer. I have opened an etsy store, have yet to put anything up for sale! So I will be working on that this summer also!

Hope the summer brings you much joy and happy gatherings. I will be back.

Love, Mamie

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Website!

Check out my friend Kates new website! I am so excited for her a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into this! Just wanted to share!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Check this out!

Ok, that is too cute! Had to stick this one in!

But these 2 necklaces are on sale! I just want to get rid of them and start on some new ideas so they will be priced at 18$ the same as the summa one listed below!

I am excited for summer! Gradution, wedding, graduation, gradutaion then OCEAN! I love the ocean! Woo!


Friday, May 14, 2010


I just got this poppy cabochon today and HAD to make something with it! This necklace can be adjusted to any length. So dang cute!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Guarantee You Will Think Less of Me...............

I feel like I am about to poop on everyone's parade. I really look forward to Mother's Day. I have had good one's and I have had bad ones. This year was a good one. But the Saturday leading up to Mother's Day was really crappy. For some reason(I know the reason but I am keeping it to myself) I awoke in a bad mood.

I believe that Mother's Day should actually be Mother's Weekend. Like Saturday is a precursor to Sunday. The fam did not feel the same and things were definately not in my favor on Saturday. Not to mention I was in a bad mood.

I live with 3 teenage girls. My girls are not saints nor are they demons they are very normal sometimes sweet sometimes horrific teenage girls. Well this past Saturday they were leaning more towards the horrific side of life. With my mood and their mood it was a recipe for disaster. All I can say is that my husband and son are true saints. They will be honored for their ability to endure in the next life I am sure.

I ended up leaving the house sometime in the early afternoon.

In tears.

Very Angry.

And sad.

I needed a place to retreat too. I went straight to my place of peace and rest. Harkins 16 movie theatre. I kept my sunglasses on and told the cashier I wanted to see anymovie that started within the last 5-10 minutes.
I walked in with a ticket to Ironman 2. I helped myself to a medium popcorn and a large cherry coke. Not even diet. I was angry and felt like rebelling.

It was pathetic. I know what your thinking. I agree. But I knew deep in my heart by the time I sat with the other 500 males in the theatre and watched that movie my family would think about what a great mother they have.That my girls would stop thinking about themselves and think about my needs for one day a year.

Scott texted me. I am sure he knew where I was. I am pretty predictable. I sat there and watched all of Iron Man. It was pretty good. I must say I was surprised.

When it was over I came home. The girls were getting ready for prom. The boys were of working on some project. And I was home. Did they wonder where I was? I don't know. Was the house picked up? Yup. Were they fighting. Nope.

Good enough for me.

I sometimes would like to think that I could post beautiful pictures of my children on Mother's Day in a field of flowers running towards me with their arms open wide. This is not my reality. I have great kids and a great husband. Sometimes Mother's Day or not life doesn't exactly workout like I intended it too. I did have a wonderful Mother's Day. I am a good momma. And I do like Iron Man.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Harry, Harry, Harry!

Idol was a treat last night. The singers, bleh....as it has been all season but the guest coach. Yummy yum yummy. A man, that Scott has known for years is his main competition and is Ok with. He has Sandra I have Harry. It works, they were in a movie together and we were both tickled pink.I have a love story to tell about Scott, Harry and myself. I don't know if I can really put it into words that one fabulous night but I will try.

It was my 33rd Birthday. I was feeling so sexy, sassy and young believe it or not! I had gone shopping that day and had a snazzy new outfit for the special night Scott had planned. My friend Heather had given me a wonderful pedicure as a gift. So I felt radiant from my head all the way down to my toes. Scott had pulled all of the cards out and had gotten concert tickets to see Harry in Sun Valley. Needless to say I was ecstatic.

When we arrived at the venue, which was a parking lot covered in fake grass. I know that sounds tacky but it's Sun Valley. It's cool no matter where you are. We got our blanket out and sat and watched people for a while. There were a lot of locals and older ritzy people all of whom were well on their way to the land of intoxication. That is always entertaining. We were thouroughly enjoying ourselves however it did look like a warm summer rain was on its way. No worries, a little rain adds to the ambience right?

Finally Harry and his band came out on stage and belted out a few wondrful classics. So romantic, we sat arm and arm under the cloudy summer evening just loving eachother and every note that was played. Then it started to sprinkle, and a lot of the older ritzy people started to vacate. Then it started to pour, and all of the older generation left. That left us and a few of the rowdy locals. We looked at each other and decided to stick it out regardless. Harry and the band left the stage, we didn't know if they would be back, by this time it was really coming down.

We were soaked, we looked at eachother and laughed covered us up with our soaking wet blanket and snuggled. Laughing, kissing and not feeling a care in the world. It was insanity at its fullest but the wonderful kind.

After an hour we could feel the rain letting up we peeked out of our blanket to find that the hundreds that had paid premium price for the chair vip section were all gone. The stage sat empty, the instruments all covered and Harry was no where to be found. Some of the rowdy slightly wasted locals started cheering "Harry". And guess what? Out came Harry. He had changed from his nice dress shirt into his regular look of T-shirt and jeans. He said to us "Your crazy, but Ok!" He sat down on his piano and played. About 50 people were able to cclose in around him and just soak in this charismatic musician and listen as he played one favorite after another on his baby grand. No band, no microphone just Harry at his finest. Me in the arms of my best friend swaying and laughing at our luck, feeling not a care in the world.

It was a great night. I think for just that moment we felt like crazy teenagers again, care free and full of spirit. We laughed all the way home, paid the baby sitter and tucked in the kids. Knowing full well we would treasure this night in our hearts always.



I woke this morning, made lunches, breakfast then sat down on the computer. Morning ritual, nothing out of the ordinary. After checking my e-mail I got my daily dose of Cjane and Nie. Mormon Messages has made a new video about Nie, check it out here. She inspires me. I know most of you who read this also read her so this isn't news to you. But to those who don't hopefully this touches you as it did me. I blogged about meeting her, you can read about that here.

Life can be so hard, but life is also beautiful. I am grateful for for so much. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love, Mamie