Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Bars......Yummo

Happy Halloween!

I Love this holiday! Here is the link to my pumpkin bar recipe, it was requested last night at book club. It is sooo yummy!

Hope you are well! Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Update.....

Ok! We tackled the Halloween Costume dilemma. A few changes were made. Scott is no longer going as The Jet Blue flight attendant. For numerous reasons. He is now recycling the GIANT fairy wings he made Mad's last year donning a white turtle neck and white trousers to become the" Tooth Fairy". I am looking out for one of those change belts that the Sonic workers wear. That would accent his costume perfectly. He is a big party at work each year that he dresses up for.
Ok, Ry decided to be a Titanic victim. She has this great prom dress from last year. It is beautiful and very vintage. Then we bought some fake seaweed looking plant. And last we made a life jacket. We fashined it to look like the ones off of the movie and ironed on this logo. And ironed on TITANIC on the back. So people will know what she is. It will be fabulous! She is going to give her face a little white and purple lipped look to finish it off! I can't wait!
The gladiator is completed and is really neat! I can't wait to post pictures. The princess is recycling another prom dress and she is thrilled to be wearing some long white gloves she picked up a few weeks ago at one of our antique stops.
I absolutely love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. I still have a few of my Halloween treasures left. I would be happy to give them to you! I just want them to have a good home!
Have a great day!
~ Mamie

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decades Day.......

It's spirit week this week at Mad's school.
Maddie: Mom would you do my hair like you used to do yours in High School tomorrow morning?
Mom: Sure, but will you let me do it right? Like how I really used to wear my hair? You won't freak out on me will you?
This morning as I was fixing her hair she asked me.....
Maddie: Mom, was this Utah hair or Montana hair?
Mom: Definitely Utah hair, I didn't learn how to tease until we moved.
Gotta love the 80's.
Keep an eye out for Halloween pics. McCormick is going to be a gladiator. Mad's a princess. Ry is......we are not sure yet. Scott is going as the Jet Blue Flight Attendant. Me- well as always, I am a witch. The question is will I be scary this year? Hmmmmm.
I am almost ready for Believe boutique. I can't wait to show you pictues.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween part 2.......

Halloween Bracelet
I have been making these bracelets for my up coming Believe Boutique. But this little guy is for Halloween and needs to find a home! These are vintage earrings I have been collecting for the last little while. It's my new hobby, as if I need anything else to collect! I love wearing these though. They make a great conversation piece!
(this bracelet will fit any wrist size from 5"-8")

Happy Halloween Banner

This banner turned out sooooo cute! It is long, it measures 4 yards long! It spells Happy Halloween, I love it and so will you! It is a steal of a deal for only 22$!
My computer has been in the shop, hence the low amount of posts. I am still gearing up for Believe. Hope you are well and still out there!

Halloween 2010......Finally!

Witches Brew
Owl is optional

You can add a crow or an owl for no additonal cost


Owl #1

Owl #2

I am so proud with how these turned out! I wish my pictures were better. Couple of things you ought to know. #1 Free shipping on all Halloween. #2 email me at if you want to order anything. #3 you can text me at 480-202-2257 to let me know if you want to buy anything (this is the fastest way get a hold of me) #4 You may also comment here.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I have NO idea what has gotten into me! I have sooooooo much to do and am working on it but don't have really one project completed to show it off! Aghhhh! Please oh please don't give up on me. I will be posting Halloween items in the next few days. I know you are thinking ya right! At this point you maybe correct with that assumption!

Check out this photography blog. I got to go with my friend Kate last weekend to help her with her little Millie as she had her vintage rose wraps featured in this shoot. I was in heaven because it took place at my all time favorite stores of Frances and Smeeks! It was interesting being behind the scenes of a photo shoot. Millie was a dream. If you scroll down the page of Laura's blog you will find little Mills. She was so incredibly cute. I love that baby! She is the little one in the red/green petit dress. There are also some fun links on that post.

I hope you are all well and enjoying fall for me! It certainly doesn't feel like fall here! It won't until about January! Gotta love Arizona.

~XOXO Mamie