Monday, February 15, 2010


These turned out great! They are the necklaces I mentioned that Meliss and I were giving to our girls for Valentines. We are excited to be working on new pieces to sell. We need the girls to wear them and work out the gliches so we can do just that, offer them on Etsy and Mamie's to sell.
The thing I absolutely love about these is each piece is unique, coming from little bits and treasures we have scrounged from something that has been tossed aside. Just like everything else that I choose to sell on this blog.
I had a great Valentines even though my love came home from his scouting overnighter with a fever and chills. I took care of him, had a great day at church and received beautiful roses purchased from our friends and amazing florists at Bloomingmill. Scott and I are making up for our lack of a night out tonight, I can't wait.
I have some wonderful creations lined up in the next few weeks. Fun vintage Easter egg bottles! I know these will be adorable.
Take Care Love~ Mamie


chris...reese...paige...brynn said...

Love these! I totally want one when you are ready to sell!!! Miss you and your fam!

Rochelle said...

Thanks for your sweet note on my blog! Just had to say I was drooling over the necklace at the top when I saw it! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity and craftiness. Miss you! Hope all is well in AZ with the fam! And congrats to Megan for getting into USU! So exciting for her! But how is the mom handling it??