Monday, September 13, 2010

Divulging Secrets

Ahhh, Etsy. How do I love thee? Meliss got me onto you years ago and I have never regretted it. I am sharing some of my favs with you today, while I should be picking up my home. Does anybody else's home fall apart on Sunday? Saturday, spanking clean. Sunday, it looks like trolls have occupied for the last 24 hours. Maybe it's just me and my little family. Hmmm, just curious.

Ok back to Etsy. I have an Etsy shop, of course nothing is in it YET! Grrrrr. I love this little shop though. I think her things are very reasonably priced.

I also love this little Halloween necklace. I think I may have to buy it. Unless you beat me to it. Thats Ok, I think I want to make some too. If you want to see this shop you can click here.

Don't you love this? I want to make something with it for Halloween, you can however buy this print here. If you just want the print. Or if you want to stick it out and see what I do with it, you certainly can I won't stand in your way!
I am torn, I am crafting like crazy for the boutique. But I really really really want to make me a meat-kini instead. Nah, just kidding. But I do want to take trip to Globe and find some great stuff for fall. You see, my fall goodies I will only be able to sell on my blog, I won't be able to really sell them at the boutique because Halloween will have already passed. And I'm create.....cute....shabby..........crazy........Halloween....treasures. I wish you could have seen last years creations in person. They were really really quite creative. I am going to just have to do both.
On a different note, each day I get new pkgs. in the mail. Containing little treats for my creations. I am absolutely certain you will love them. I do. I will be showing them soon. Although it's hard to show creations sometimes that come straight from my heart, because when you show them off, you know. You have to know that others will copy. I know, I know, that is such a great form of flattery. It is still hard. I have watched my friend Kate go through this with this amazing product. I have loved watching Kate take this business and create and grow. Look I even have a band named after me! It is my favorite for the moment. At the same time it is so difficult watching her see her creations copied. Nature of the game, you bet! Does it make it any easier to see things copied. Nope! Does this make me think twice before copying others creations? You bet it does. I still will get ideas from other people. But I do have standards and guidelines I try to follow. The biggest being, never ever sell at in the same town or same venues. And of course never, ever, ever exactly duplicate. I always try to make it my own. Add my flair. But you know what? Most of my things come straight from my heart. That makes me feel good. But to be honest the whole concept of my steam-punk jewelery came from others. It is a concept, and I have created items under that concept.
Sorry, I didn't mean to go on and on and on. But my upcoming golden burlap has come straight from me. My creations and sometimes its hard to let go. Because you will want to copy, and you know what? You can. I won't mind. I will be happy to give you tips and pointers. Because it is more of a concept. I also will be selling it on my etsy site and at the boutique. Get ready!
So be patient, it's coming!
Love You! Mamie
PS) I would LOVE your opinion on this matter! Feel free to tell me how you feel about copying. I am curious!

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katie and co. said...

THANK YOU~ For everything you said. Every idea comes from another--but it's up to us in the process to change it up a bit, put our own little heart into it, and yes, Amie, that's EXACTLY what you do.

I cannot wait to see what you create for Halloween! My stuff I got last year from you is my favorite! I'm itching to get it out. My two crows are the BOMB! And the best part is that nobody else out there in the world has a think like them.

So excited to see what else you come up with.

Love you, Mamie! xoxo