Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Updates......

picture by Johnnie Snow

Well, where did this month go? I have no idea. Kids got outta school alright. They all got great grades and moved up to their appropriate grades. I now have a 12th grader, a 9th grader and a 5th grader and one college student.

Right after school Johnnie, Maddie and I headed off to girls camp to a place called Taylor Ranch up in Pine, Arizona. I went as a Stake Leader, it was great fun although it is the dustiest, dirtiest place I have ever camped at. The leaders arrived a day earlier and the dust was about 4 inches deep, by the time the other girls get there they had been watering it down regularly so it was a little better. All in all, it was a great time. I am so glad I have been lucky enough to be there with my girls.

We got home from camp and headed to Roosevelt, a big lake about an hour and a half way. We camped with a bunch of our friends for a few days. Had a ball but needless to say, when we got home the girls and I had our fair share of camping. I did not take a single photo to share of the lake. G-o-m-e-r. It is purely a boating trip, it is very hot and you want to be in the water the whole time or you die. You really do, just keel over and die. We are lucky to have friends with boats.

Upon coming home from the lake, we rushed around and got Scott ready to take his Young Men on a 3 day canoe trip down the Colorado river. He loved it, they had a great time. They take off in Blythe and take out in Yuma. I worried about him the whole time and shouldn't have, they were having a ball.

While Scott was gone I decided to have the house painted on the inside. It looks fabulous. It is creams and whites. I am ditching the red and green that I have had for almost 10 years. Yehaw! Now I am gradually putting the house back together. It is going to be a long project! I will have to post updates.

As far as my schooling, I was registered to take a placement test then canceled it because I was feeling overwhelmed. I have yet to reschedule it but I have to do so! I was thrown for a real loop when last month right before I was to leave to camp I got a new calling in church. They put me in today as Young Women's president. What? I was shocked and feel very inadequate but will forge through. They released Scott today, he ended it with a bang and is feeling relieved. I just don't want my calling to interfere with my school! And vice a versa. I am thinking I will just go at a little slower pace! But UGH! I was a lil frustrated! I hope this doesn't make me sound haggish!

Well, that is an update! I am busy planning the Snow family reunion at the end of July, and planning a short pilgrimage up to Idaho and Utah in the middle of July! Happy happy summer! Love to you all! Mamie


The Jones Family said...

Congrats on your new calling...we were at a baby blessing Sunday so didn't hear the's like miss one Sunday and the world changes. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Anonymous said...

oh my ... glad things are slowing down for you ... :o)