Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas.....Just Thought I'd Share

I choose not to decorate in full this year.

I took many short cuts.

But I think it turned out Ok, considering.

This table is my favorite. I love my vintage Santa's.

[a lil closer peek]

I added one of my wreath's from Mamie's this year.

Loving how it works right here.

The screen in the background is new this year. I am not sure what I am planning on doing with it. But is is so rickety and old, I just love it!

Ry did my Nativity this year.
I absolutely love it under the cloche.
Hope you are well. Enjoy the magic that is the season.
See you in the new year, I will let you in on our Christmas surprise. I can't wait!

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