Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Highlights

Annual cutting the tree trip. Snow was very deep, it was bitter cold. Made for an interesting tree this year.

Well, I was very neglectful with the camera this year. I pretty much sucked. I am going to have to mooch from my sisters. I don't know what I was thinking, we have so many cute babies in our families and I have 0 pictures. Loser.

I already recapped Meg's surprise, even that my pics kind of stunk. Hmmmm, I think a good resolution for me should be concentrating on better picture taking. Can you tell this is bothering me?

This little guy was a Christmas visitor. We kept him, neutered him, gave him shots. And his owner turned up this past Saturday. Oh well, he's been back to our house twice. I think we will end up sharing him.

We went to the Mesa Temple lights with one of our favorite families. The J's. As always it was fun. Wouldn't be Christmas with out a trip to see the lights. Aidan was so cute, we love that boy!

Although I hate how fat I am. I love this picture of us. He is such a sweet guy. He is my world.

The hooligans at the lights, and Preston Maddie's little friend. We really like him too. He's a cute kid.
Well, that is it. Can you believe it? It was a great Christmas, however I am really excited about the New Year. I hope it is a good one!
[coming soon, Mamie's future plans]

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