Thursday, April 29, 2010

And So It Begins.............Post Edit [see below]

Well today is a monumental day for this family. My Grandma Johnnie is 89 today. I can't believe she is 89. She is and has always been a shining example of woman to me. She is an amazing mother and grandmother. Her home has always ment comfort and good food. A place where we could never get enough of. I need to call her today. Happy Birthday Grams.

This day is also a sacred day for our family one of private meaning but it does hold special meaning to us. It is also a marker of time. I can't believe it has been such a long time.

I don't usually post such details about my family on this blog but since I have yet to begin a family blog, I will post this little tid bit also. Meg's last prom is this weekend. It is the beginning of many lasts for us and this girl. The month of May brings a whirlwind of festivities. I truly and honestly can't even believe that she is graduating. Let me just say this, I AM NOT READY TO LET GO! In any way, shape or form. I try on a daily basis to come up with the advantages of her absence in our lives. But it falls short, always short. She is beautiful, she is our sweet girl and she is ready to go out on her own.

Breathe mamma.It's gonna be OK.

Happy April 29th~ Mamie

PS)The spoon rings were a huge sucess, I have ordered 5 more if you would like one.

PPS)Called my Gram tonight. How cute is this? She had a wonderful day! Her boys took her out to dinner last night. Today, she went to lunch with Eleanor and Lois and sat on a patio and had latte's for hours. Said it was wonderful, had no place to hurry off to. I just love that lady! She is pretty darn amazing!(have I mentioned that before?)


The Haynes Family said...

Hey, Amie, it has been a long time. It is hard for me to be reminded of something when I am celebrating my daughter's 14th bd. I still don't want to let go of Jordan and she will be 20 in August and is in Maryland for a year. Life sure comes full circle. Love checking out your creations on your blog. Great Job!
Friends Always, Lissie

Aim said...

I was trying to figure in Sad's B-day into my post too, I always remember hers because its on my gram's. Bet you miss Jord a ton! I know she was in Florida but now what is she doing in Maryland? Agh! I don't know how ya do it! Thanks for the comment! Love me