Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Talk the Talk..........

I usually don't have very many positive things to say about living here in Arizona. I know, I know this is not news to most of you I have never been shy about this matter. However, there are many things here that I really do love. Putting aside our wonderful friendships that we have made over the years. That is too easy. We have been blessed when it comes to friends that is for sure!

1-I love the lizards. I think they are so cute, especially the baby ones on my tree out front. They are so tiny!

2-I love the bike trails, along with the long season we have to ride bikes.

3-I love my hummingbirds. They are all over. When I let my feeder run out, I have a coup on my hands. I love all the birds down here, we get so many unique and interesting ones.

4-I love the movie theatres. This is quite a luxury. The kick back seats, refillable popcorn and soda's. That is living. And not to mention they have flavors to flavor your popcorn with. That almost puts me over the edge.

Well I am sure there is more, I will think of them. But for now I want to go read my book.



Reese said...

You had me at refillable popcorn. We can we move in?

katie and co. said...

You forgot that you love the heat. Love love love the heat and how it makes you sweat TO DEATH every moment of the day.

Ahhh...great post, Aim. Great post!

Aim said...

Oh silly me Kate! How could I have forgotten the heat! I do love sweating sweating sweating in places I didn't know you could sweat!