Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Guarantee You Will Think Less of Me...............

I feel like I am about to poop on everyone's parade. I really look forward to Mother's Day. I have had good one's and I have had bad ones. This year was a good one. But the Saturday leading up to Mother's Day was really crappy. For some reason(I know the reason but I am keeping it to myself) I awoke in a bad mood.

I believe that Mother's Day should actually be Mother's Weekend. Like Saturday is a precursor to Sunday. The fam did not feel the same and things were definately not in my favor on Saturday. Not to mention I was in a bad mood.

I live with 3 teenage girls. My girls are not saints nor are they demons they are very normal sometimes sweet sometimes horrific teenage girls. Well this past Saturday they were leaning more towards the horrific side of life. With my mood and their mood it was a recipe for disaster. All I can say is that my husband and son are true saints. They will be honored for their ability to endure in the next life I am sure.

I ended up leaving the house sometime in the early afternoon.

In tears.

Very Angry.

And sad.

I needed a place to retreat too. I went straight to my place of peace and rest. Harkins 16 movie theatre. I kept my sunglasses on and told the cashier I wanted to see anymovie that started within the last 5-10 minutes.
I walked in with a ticket to Ironman 2. I helped myself to a medium popcorn and a large cherry coke. Not even diet. I was angry and felt like rebelling.

It was pathetic. I know what your thinking. I agree. But I knew deep in my heart by the time I sat with the other 500 males in the theatre and watched that movie my family would think about what a great mother they have.That my girls would stop thinking about themselves and think about my needs for one day a year.

Scott texted me. I am sure he knew where I was. I am pretty predictable. I sat there and watched all of Iron Man. It was pretty good. I must say I was surprised.

When it was over I came home. The girls were getting ready for prom. The boys were of working on some project. And I was home. Did they wonder where I was? I don't know. Was the house picked up? Yup. Were they fighting. Nope.

Good enough for me.

I sometimes would like to think that I could post beautiful pictures of my children on Mother's Day in a field of flowers running towards me with their arms open wide. This is not my reality. I have great kids and a great husband. Sometimes Mother's Day or not life doesn't exactly workout like I intended it too. I did have a wonderful Mother's Day. I am a good momma. And I do like Iron Man.


Erica said...

You are one of the greatest mom's!! I'm sorry your Mother's Day Saturday wasn't the day you had hoped it would be.

I hope things are better now and you've not got me excited to see a movie I didn't want to see.

I love you and hope you are happy today. Happy Tuesday!

katie and co. said...

I love that you go to the Movie Theater. I just love it.