Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Hiatus

[We stay in the little tiny town of West Port. A little trivia for you, the town of Willits that you see on the map? That is where Seabiscuts ranch is. He is buried somewhere out on the Howard ranch. Cool Huh?]

Well after all of the hoopla with graduation this week, we turn around and head north for my nephew's wedding. We get to throw in a few more graduations along the way. So fun, it is rewarding being able to be apart of these memories.

When the wedding is over and the newlyweds are long gone into the sunsets of Mexico the rest of the gang makes our bi-annual pilgrimage to the Northern California coast. This has been a long time tradition amongst my clan. Providing many wonderful memories along the way. We have camped at the same campground on the coast since I was 2 years old.

Upon marrying me Scott developed a great love for this tradition also. He loves it more than I do. I think if we could live anywhere in the world this would be the place he would choose. It is so much fun.

What we do while we are there may seem strange. We take long walks on the beach, sit for hours and watch the kids race hermit crabs, and look for starfish, urchins and all sorts of other creatures that live in the tide pools. We look for abalone shells, agate rocks and if your lucky a piece of blue sea glass that has made its way back to shore.

We take a day and drive up to see the Redwood trees. If you have never seen these magnificent creations put that on your bucket list. I feel the spirit so strong when we are in that forest. I like to close my eyes and touch the trees and think to myself that these living things were alive and growing in the time that America was discovered, and hundreds of years prior.

My Grammy comes with us each time. She is so cute and I love that she still wants to be with our rowdy crowd. When my Grandma and my Mom are together one thing you can count on is wonderful food. An abundance of comfort food always ready for the taking. It is all part of the experience.

So this is why I am taking a little time off. I do have a freedom banner I am making for Melissa that I will post before I leave. And I am sure to have many more ideas throughout the summer. I have opened an etsy store, have yet to put anything up for sale! So I will be working on that this summer also!

Hope the summer brings you much joy and happy gatherings. I will be back.

Love, Mamie


Annette said...

Hey, can we met up to get my ring before you GO? ;0) I know you are busy with alot so just call me when you have a minute. I am not good with texts if you have not figured it out. Thanks so much. Annette

Lewis Happenings said...

That sounds wonderful Aim! Have a fantastic, relaxing time! ((hugs))

Rochelle said...

Okay...I just finished watching 'The Young Victoria'. It has been on my list ever since you raved about it on your blog. It was so fabulous!!! I laughed, I cried...so romantic, so great! Such a good, clean movie too! Thanks so much for the recommendation! Loved it! And thanks for the sweet comments you make on my blog and facebook! Sure miss you guys! Enjoy your hiatus and all the summer fun!

katie and co. said...

I miss you already and you just left this morning. LOVE YOU GIRL!

Annette said...

Just to let you know, I LOVE my new ring! So much fun... Thanks so much, have a wonderful summer...