Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I woke this morning, made lunches, breakfast then sat down on the computer. Morning ritual, nothing out of the ordinary. After checking my e-mail I got my daily dose of Cjane and Nie. Mormon Messages has made a new video about Nie, check it out here. She inspires me. I know most of you who read this also read her so this isn't news to you. But to those who don't hopefully this touches you as it did me. I blogged about meeting her, you can read about that here.

Life can be so hard, but life is also beautiful. I am grateful for for so much. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love, Mamie



katie and co. said...

Chelsea Ostler sent me a link for this this morning and I was so touched. It was beautiful! What an example she is. I loved the part when she talked about being the children's mother--that it was a honor and privilege to teach and instruct them. I've since thought about it all day. Good stuff.

Aim said...

I think Chelsea must have sent that link out to a lot of people. It was so beautiful, she talks about it on her blog this morning check it out. so sweet.