Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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Tears from her, tears from Dad and tears from me. It was late Sunday night when we took her back up to her apartment and had to leave her. Fortunately her 2 roommates were there so we all remained semi composed. We gave each other a final hug and I choked out "we can do this, we can do hard things." And with that I turned to leave. I knew she was safe, I knew she was going to be OK, I knew it was time to go. It was really hard. Scott and I haven't really talked about that goodbye. It was a quiet drive back to my parents, and I think all of our emotions are still raw.

The next day we left before the sun came up. It was a very long day over 14 hours in the car. Megs is great. I haven't talked to her on the phone yet without it sounding like a giant party is going on in the background. Her roommates seemed sweet, she was happy, it's been good.

Yesterday I got the kids off to school and tried to get back into my regular routine. I just felt a huge emptiness and was out of sorts. It wasn't until around 11:30 that I realized Panini was missing.

Panini is one of our cats, we have 3. I know that seems like 3 too many to some of you but to us she is a very important part of our family. Panini looks like this. She is so funny, everyone who meets her just loves her!

Panini has special needs. So when we go out of town we board her or one of Meg's friends watches her for us. When we brought her home on Monday night, I forgot to close up the kitty door that I had left open for the other cats while we were gone. Sometime during the night Panini the fragile little cat that she is decided to venture out on her own.

Needless to say I panicked. I headed out with her bag of kitty food. Panini comes running when we shake her bag of food. I walked the block shaking and calling. No Panini. It was 116 degrees, it was very hot. No Panini. I got on my bike, looking and looking calling and calling. No such luck. I made a flyer, called all the shelters, checked the pound. No Panini. I was worried someone may have taken her. She is really that cute.

I texted the family, let them know what was going on. I was worried about telling Meg. She is funny about our animals. I didn't want to throw her off of her groove. Our search party was called off because of a monsoon. It was a HUGE thunder and rain storm. Cormie and I were caught up in it on our bikes. We were soaked, dripping and still no Panini.

We had dinner then Corm and I decided to head back out and distribute flyers door to door. The rain had subsided. We had covered 1/2 the block when I came to a house that was all dark. I was hesitant to ring the bell, but I did. A man came to the door, I gave him the flyer and he said that he had her in his back yard. I started bawling and he told me to be quiet, his baby was sleeping. I sniffled that I was sorry. He led me through his home and out the back door. There came my little Nini, running up to me. She was soaked, muddy and panting because of the heat. I hugged her close and the man led me out his back gate. I think I scared him. I didn't even care.

She came home and sat and drank water for 20 minutes straight! I texted the news to the fam and we all felt so relieved!

So now today I feel like we can handle this. Meg is happy and making herself a new home. We are safe and home. Life is good!

Love, Mamie


Scott said...

Amie, I love the blog!

Jodi and Co. said...

Oh Aim, this was such a beautiful blog, you had me sobbing and smiling at the same time. Love you girl!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh...I about barfed when reading about Panini. I'm so glad she's ok. Poor little thing.
Meg is fantastic. I love her so much. It's so hard losing your first. I don't think losing my second this year will be any easier though. But then when they come home to visit and they bug the trash out of the other kids and you start thinking: maybe its not so bad!

Erica said...

I'm so glad you found your cat. I would be devastated if one of my dogs went missing.

I'm glad things are on the normal groove! I'm think of Megan - hope all the college kids are successful!

Rochelle said...

Oh this post had me tearing up! Remembering my parents helping me pack and prepare for college and then saying goodbye...and then feeling a little emotional about saying goodbye to my own kids in just a few short years (We were just saying the other day that Carson has already spent half of the years under our roof before he leaves for college!) Meg will do great. "We can do this!" It just really made me think how hard it must of been as parent to let go. Something I didn't really clue into when I left home!
And so glad you found your cat too...what a tender mercy at a crazy and changing time! Love you Aim!

katie and co. said...

TENDERNESS...and MIRACLES all at the same time.

famous father said...

I can't believe that happened to Pan! I am so glad you found her! What a goober guy for saying to be quiet! But he isn't so bad to have kept her in the back yard! Is she doing ok now? Oh I hope so! I remember when Sheba died so shortly after moving to Wisconsin! That was hard on me while I was adjusting to things! And her and I were not exactly soul mates:) Darn we sure do love our animals!
I don't think these darn goodbyes get any easier! I am proud of you!So glad Megs is so happy! This next phase is even harder...I will just keep saying I can do hard things! Pre marital Dr. visit on Thursday! Do I really have to let her grow up??????:) I don't want to! My heart hurts! Love you Mamie