Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spoon Rings......Anyone?

Sold Out!

Ignore Aunt Marge's freakishly wrinkly hand, she can't help it. I can make these rings any size, if you don't know your ring size, next time you are at the mall swing by the jewelery store and have them measure your finger, they should do it for free and it takes less than 5 seconds!

The ring on the right is from the International Silver Company. It is the Daybreak pattern that was popular in the 1940's. The one of the left is Rodgers Oneida, same era its the Harmony pattern. The man in the picture is my Great Uncle Clifton....just kidding I don't have a Great Uncle Clifton, I got this picture at a swap meet.
I have 2 rings of each of these patterns and also 1 ring in the Daffodil pattern I featured in the spring. It looks like this.

I'm happy to report that the kids are all home from school safely. They are tired but their first day went well. It was so hot that when I walked up to get McCormick the heat was burning my legs as it radiated off of the sidewalk. Blistering hot I tell you, blistering. Ugh!
I am still waiting to hear from the Believe Boutique, keep your fingers crossed!


Annette said...

I totally want to get one for Madi for her B-day. Ijust don't know whick one? Hmmmm, Need to decide if I want to ask her or just get one that I think she will like. I will let you know....

Annette said...

OK, I will get Harmony. Need it in a size 7 ish I think. Her BIrthday is Aug 26th. Can it be done by then?

Aim said...

You bet Annette, I am leaving on Weds. I will e-mail you with the details!

Jodi and Co. said...

Hi Aim! It is so hard to choose but I think I like the Harmony best. I can't wait to wear it!