Thursday, July 8, 2010

For Laura Loo.......

I made these for my sweet friend Laura. She had a little girl Macey 8 weeks ago. I am a little slow on getting her gift to her. They turned out so cute. I probably shouldn't be posting this because Laura is an avid little blogger and I know she reads my blog occasionally. I have known Laura for hmmmmmm, lets see since 1995. She was one of my Merrie Miss in primary. She was such a cutie. She became part of our family as we moved 2 houses down from them. My girls LOVED having her around and sometimes I was quite sure they liked having her more than me. By the time I had daughter number 3 Laura was our one and only sitter. Madelyn my third daughter adored Laura or as Mads calls her La La. They have a special bond even to this day.

Laura was the greatest sitter as well as a dear friend to me. We loved her company and enjoyed being involved in every facet of her life. We were so happy to be at her high school graduation, cried when she left for a year to Japan and thrilled to be with her on the day she married the love of her life in the Idaho Falls temple.

I am in awe at the amazing woman Laura grew into. She is an incredible mother to Carson and Macey. You can check out how stinkin adorable they are here They even wear cloth diapers. She finds fantastic deals on the internet and is super crafty and smart with her money. She continues to think of me for Mother's day, she remembers all of our birthday's and even our anniversary.

I miss her. I really miss not being more involved in her life. I am kind of a poop when it comes to correspondence and am horrible about mailing things. Thus many of my friendships have suffered since we moved 5 years ago.

I love you Laura Loo and am so proud of you.

Love me

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