Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pit O Snakes......

This post needs to be top secret. I am not sure how that can be since I am choosing to post this out on the world wide web but it feels better to say it's top secret.

I don't want my girls to see this.

The chances are they wont. They don't usually read this blog. Madd's does on occasion but all in all I think its safe. Here goes nothin......

I once was a momma who had three little girls. Their hair was usually well kept, clothes trendy and sometimes I even dressed them in matching outfits. They took piano lessons without complaining. Dancing and ballet all so willing. They fought on occasion but nothing that seemed to out of the ordinary. My girls would pick up their rooms when asked, read to their baby brother and charm all who would come across us in the grocery aisle with their little smiles, curly hair and big blue eyes.

Those were the long and forgotten.

One day in church a well respected and experienced father turned around and asked me how old our oldest daughter was. We answered "she's 13." Both of us turning to look at her and smiling with pride at the beautiful young woman she was becoming. He then asked the most appalling question " is she brain dead yet?" What? We just smiled at him, not sure what in the world he could be implying. Fortunately the meeting started and he turned back around.

6 months later we knew......braindead. Yes, all of a sudden our oldest, sweetest child was beginning to show signs of this mysterious condition that affects teenagers somewhere the ages of 12-14.

Since then we have become well seasoned parents to 3 teenage girls. We know all the ins and outs, distraction techniques, ways to get around the I don't remember you saying that, or that's not what you said or my all time favorite...... SAREEEEE!(sorry) with an attitude.

I have young friends. They have sweet kids, like I had. As I listen to them share with me tales of their daily lives. I love offering advice. As they share with me cute stories and mishaps I think back to the times when my girls were so tiny...and nice.

This morning one of my friends was talking to me......she was sharing with me a little story about her oldest....girl......who is getting.....sassy. I found myself giddy as a school girl as she was telling me some of the things her daughter had told her. My tummy was jumping and I was dishing out the advice faster than I could talk. I had to catch myself finally before I came off rude. What was happening? Why was I so happy to learn of my sweet friends suffering. I think I was happy that....a) I was getting proof to my long time theory that ALL children no matter how saint like they once were, can be snakey. b) my family is normal and 3)I will soon be having another friend cross over to the darkside. It's always good to have back up support.

Scott often comes home to a Pit of Snakes.....and who doesn't always love that!

XOXO~ Mamie


The Haynes Family said...

Great post Aim. It is nice to know that we're normal. Gotta love those teenage years. Lissie

Jordan said...

This reminds me of Twin when we were little. Crazy how big all us kiddos are now. Loved the post Amie.
-jordan haynes

famous father said...

Love this Amie!I too remember the days before the dark side! Do you think when they get married we can cross back over for a visit. I want to do mor than just remember.