Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Never Been So Happy...............


I love this logo, and let me share with you why. I had some errands to do today. In the midst of these I decided to stop for lunch by myself at Cafe Rio. [yumm yumm] I do this often, lunch by myself. I don't mind it, I often have a book with me and I just sit and chill. I would just eat in my car but considering the horrific state of the temperature outside, I would prefer to eat in most of the time.

Anyways, I love Cafe Rio, as do most people. But Cafe Rio doesn't have those same wonderful feelings for me. It gets to me, in a way that bran cereal gets to me. It wreaks havoc with my intestinal track. But I keep going back, each time I go I know how it will end and yet week by week I think the outcome will be different. Today was one of those days. I ate and savored each bite. Not worrying about my kids. Corm was at a playdate and the girls were probably enjoying the absence of my nagging.

I ate the whole dang salad. I knew I would only have a few minutes until the war with my insides set in but I kept eating and reading and munching on Cafe Rio's new crushed ice! Then I did the most outlandish thing I have done in months. I got in my car and headed out of the parking lot and turned the opposite direction of my house.

What could I possibly been thinking? I drove and drove and drove some more to my next destination up in Scottsdale. It took about 5 minutes of rumbling to realize it was not going to be ok. I needed help and fast.

I already had a game plan....a fast food place, you can sneak in and out of those places without being noticed. Now I just had to find one. I was in a business part of town, not a lot of options. I thought about pulling off at a Dr's office. Surely they would understand my predicament. I thought about what if I get to my destination without finding anything? I can't go inside in this state!

I got to my turn off and straight in front of me on it's celestial lining of clouds I saw them. The golden arches of glory. I pulled in, parked and made a run for it. I even went in a little side door that led straight to the rest rooms. Bingo! It was even a private little suite. A one roomer. Oh, I was saved.

Today Mickey D's, I truly was Lovin it!

XOXO~ Mamie


The Haynes Family said...

Aim, you continue to crack me up. And of course, Cafe Rio is worth it. Just got back from watching Toy Story, good luck sending Megan off to college! Love you, Lissie

Aim said...

Oh my gosh Liss, did that movie just tear your heart out? I loved it but I sobbed pretty hard!

Aim said...

this is your daughter who is in a state of shock that you put that on the internet. However, I read the first sentence and new how this was going to end. But you did make me laugh like heck.
Love you SOOOOOO much, Mads

katie and co. said...

Oh how I have missed you! This was the perfect dose of Amie I needed today. I get especially trunky for Arizona on Sundays and I know it's 99% because we miss your family so.

Love you for the candidness and honestly, but especially because you ALWAYS make me laugh.