Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Update.....

Ok! We tackled the Halloween Costume dilemma. A few changes were made. Scott is no longer going as The Jet Blue flight attendant. For numerous reasons. He is now recycling the GIANT fairy wings he made Mad's last year donning a white turtle neck and white trousers to become the" Tooth Fairy". I am looking out for one of those change belts that the Sonic workers wear. That would accent his costume perfectly. He is a big party at work each year that he dresses up for.
Ok, Ry decided to be a Titanic victim. She has this great prom dress from last year. It is beautiful and very vintage. Then we bought some fake seaweed looking plant. And last we made a life jacket. We fashined it to look like the ones off of the movie and ironed on this logo. And ironed on TITANIC on the back. So people will know what she is. It will be fabulous! She is going to give her face a little white and purple lipped look to finish it off! I can't wait!
The gladiator is completed and is really neat! I can't wait to post pictures. The princess is recycling another prom dress and she is thrilled to be wearing some long white gloves she picked up a few weeks ago at one of our antique stops.
I absolutely love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday. I still have a few of my Halloween treasures left. I would be happy to give them to you! I just want them to have a good home!
Have a great day!
~ Mamie

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