Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decades Day.......

It's spirit week this week at Mad's school.
Maddie: Mom would you do my hair like you used to do yours in High School tomorrow morning?
Mom: Sure, but will you let me do it right? Like how I really used to wear my hair? You won't freak out on me will you?
This morning as I was fixing her hair she asked me.....
Maddie: Mom, was this Utah hair or Montana hair?
Mom: Definitely Utah hair, I didn't learn how to tease until we moved.
Gotta love the 80's.
Keep an eye out for Halloween pics. McCormick is going to be a gladiator. Mad's a princess. Ry is......we are not sure yet. Scott is going as the Jet Blue Flight Attendant. Me- well as always, I am a witch. The question is will I be scary this year? Hmmmmm.
I am almost ready for Believe boutique. I can't wait to show you pictues.

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