Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween part 2.......

Halloween Bracelet
I have been making these bracelets for my up coming Believe Boutique. But this little guy is for Halloween and needs to find a home! These are vintage earrings I have been collecting for the last little while. It's my new hobby, as if I need anything else to collect! I love wearing these though. They make a great conversation piece!
(this bracelet will fit any wrist size from 5"-8")

Happy Halloween Banner

This banner turned out sooooo cute! It is long, it measures 4 yards long! It spells Happy Halloween, I love it and so will you! It is a steal of a deal for only 22$!
My computer has been in the shop, hence the low amount of posts. I am still gearing up for Believe. Hope you are well and still out there!

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Scott said...

Amazing stuff! so creative. Love you