Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Im just a cottonheaded ninnymuggins...........


I am so excited to show you these! I took this idea from my most favorite magazine, Country Living. It is a huge old frame, with brass wire strung from side to side to hang your Christmas cards from. The gold one in the picture in the middle is a bit smaller measuring 16 x 20. I have decorated clothes pins with goodies to use as clips to hold your card in place! Such a different twist with an old idea.

Large cream and gold frame 30$
Medium frame 25$


Lori said...

OH goodness! I love those!!!!
The movie is Christmas Story!

Aim said...

Lori, No! Go watch Elf. It is from Elf! Oh Ming Ming, I am just a cotton headed ninnymuggins. But you get a prize for guessing Christmas Vacation. I will send it tomorrow! Love you!