Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of my guilty pleasures

I am totally behind on my movie watching schedule. One of my favorite things to do while the kids are in school is to go to a movie. By myself. It is really relaxing and I really don't mind doing it alone. This way I can see the movies I want to see, and if they are worth seeing again I will go with Scott. But I am behind. And now Christmas is coming and a whole bunch of new movies are coming out. I did finally take the girls to see New Moon last weekend. I liked it, glad I saw it and I think I am a Jacob fan now.
These are some of the movies I want to see: If you have seen them, let me know if they are a see now or a wait to rent.
The Blind Side
Me and Orson Wells
Old Dogs
The Lovely Bones
Everybodys Fine
The Young Victoria
Sherlock Holmes
Far too many to be able to see. Right now the critics on TV are saying you have to see Avatar. I really have no desire to see that one. But that will probably be the one I end up seeing. Oh well, that is the way the cookie crumbles.


Annette said...

I loved the Blind Side! Old Dogs was cute.
I totally want to see Me and Orson Wells, Everybodys Fine and Sherlock Holmes. They are on my list too.... And I do want to see Avatar. I like SciFi.

I am a total Jacob Fan after seeing New Moon as well. Was not in the books but the Movies totally am...

bill, katie, and co. said...

LOVED Blind Side TOO. I told you what I thought about it but I really loved it. You've got to see it. Oh, and can't wait to see what new things you've got in store for the new year.