Saturday, December 5, 2009

Modge Podge

Ode to Modge Podge
Modge Podge, what would I do without you? You help me create, glorious works of art[this is my ode I can think what I want] It was a wonderful day when I found out that you not only came in matte finish, glossy finish, satin finish, outside hard as rock finish, brushstroke finish[whatever that means,] glow in the dark finish, shimmer finish,but now GLITTER IN SILVER AND GOLD! finish! Yes you of all things modge, never ever cease to amaze me. And lets not forget, at the end of the day, when crafting is done what my favorite part about you is. The little patches of Modge Podge that I find on my skin that I can peel off just like a fake sunburn. You are the best Modge Podge. Don't ever forget that.

*****My spell check doesn't believe that the word Modge Podge is a word. Somethings just aren't right with this world.

Ok, I just found out that you can buy Modge Podge by the gallon, so ha spell check. Put that in your pipe. Just sayin.

1 comment:

bill, katie, and co. said...

HA HA! I died laughing when you got to the part about peeling the modge off like a fake sunburn. TOO funny, Aim!