Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's My Friends

This is steampunk jewelry. My friend Meliss and I ordered a bunch of fun watch movements and charms, metal flowers and lots of other goodies this week off of ebay and etsy. Meliss makes beautiful bracelets out of lampwork beads and would like to expand her jewelry making skills to include pieces of jewelry like this one I have shown you

I on the other hand still have clocks in my bonnet and really want to create fun collages and turn old clocks into pieces of art. I also want to incorporate metal flowers into my works some how. I know I am taking a while and I'm sorry but Scott man doo has had the week off and I have been enjoying him and the kiddos. Well Cormie and Scott mostly. Teenage girls not so much. I have set some great New Year's resolutions, one of which includes this blog. I want to keep working and growing with it. I love to create, it is really good for me. Another more personal resolution is my weight. I have to make this change, for me. Wish me luck, love Mamie.

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