Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Perfect Day

My friend Heather came for a visit.

It was a wonderful 2 days. On Friday we had one of those days that was just fulfilling. Do you have those days? I love days or even moments when you just don't want it to end? It was just a good day.

I picked Heather up in Scottsdale on Friday morning. I took her to see this movie. It was even better the 2nd time. I just loved it. As did she. We cried. But so did alot of ladies. Yes, it is a lady film.

We then went to H&M in Scottsdale. That was fun although as you may know I am no fun to shop with. (at least for clothes that is) Heath found some really cute things. I gave her good advice or at least opinions. I enjoyed that.

Then we went to LeGrand Orange and seriously, it was the best pizza I have ever had. As was the Thai Chicken Salad. For reals. I need more. Go there. They seat for dinner at 4, but you can order in the grocery section and eat at the pizza counter. So fun!

Then we headed to this part of Phoenix which I have recently discovered. So so so fun! It is my kind of shopping, as is Heather's and pretty much most of my friends. (We are friends and share common interests, right?)Central Phoenix (arts district), and antique mecca. Ohhhhh, so fun. We went to Smeeks, Frances and then my most favorite store in the whole wide world. It is called Melrose Vintage. The thing I loved about Melrose Vintage is that it had new shabby, used antiques, beautiful and lush fabrics and my favorite part was vintage papers, ribbons and scrapbooking supplies. This store is a must! But they are only open Weds-Sat, a good thing to know.

I could go on and on, we really did have a wonderful time and weekend but Friday was just a good day.

Love~ Mamie


Karlenn said...


Thanks so much for your comment on my bloggie-poo! I hope the "prayer beads" work for you. They have really transformed my prayers, in a very good way. My mom thinks I'm abominable, but whatever. Thumbs up for cherry backgrounds! Woot-woot! And I adore your creations. You have an amazing sense of style. And amazing creativity. I love having a creative outlet.

bill, katie, and co. said...

Okay...when are we going to take a day out and do the same thing? Let's plan it. Sounds so fun! I am so glad you could share the day with Heather {in my car!} ;P