Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've Gotta A Feeling.............

This is so fun to watch! I tried to download it but I can't get it to download. So follow this link and then watch as over 5,000 people dance all together. I made me a kickin playlist to walk to or clean house to. It rocks. I am off, I have lots of burpee's to sew for my new grand nephew and my friend Jen's little baby.

I also want to get started on some jewelry with Meliss. Our stuff from Hong Kong came. Woo Hoo. More is coming friends. More is coming.


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Sharon/MOM said...

WOW that is the coolest thing. I hadn't heard anything about the Oprah concert/opening season. It's so fun to watch and you just wanta get up and dance. Thanks for sharing!!