Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Y'all.........Happy Fall!

This weekend we did some of this........

and this......

A little of this.......

We dressed up like this......

[gladiator or Nephi you choose]

We also dressed up like this
[and went to a ball]

and some of us met our the icy water
and also a party on Friday night.

[the Titanic victim]
We also had 2! Yes 2! New babies come into this world on Scott's side of the family. They were not twins! Welcome Claire and Jett [cutest names ever!] we can't wait to meet you!
We trunk or treated on Saturday, then on Sunday we had our Primary Program at church, I am the chorister and am sooooooo relieved that went off with out a hitch!
We finished the fabulous weekend with phone calls from Meg's, yummy white chili, visits from Holland, Scott's nephew who recently moved to the valley. Jorgensen's our funniest friends stopped by, then we crashed our friend's home who make the yummiest treats called buffyboys, they are like scones and are delicious!
This week we VOTE! And CRAFT, CRAFT, CRAFT! Wish me luck! The boutique is this

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