Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Old Painted Cottage

I love this blog. Jen inspires me. Her taste is so soft and subtle, I love her love of industrial vintage. In fact, her blog is where I learned that term....industrial vintage. Love that stuff. Check out her blog. She is having a contest to give away this bag! I love it! I am feeling a little lovey today. I need to be feeling less lovey and more busy! I have lots of lil errands to do! Pshaw! Come on Aim- you can do it!

I am getting less ancy and more excited about the show this weekend. For some reason I have had MAJOR anxiety about it. Tons of self doubt smothered with inadequacies. It has not been fun. My poor friends have had to coddle me double time! Fortunately, those feelings are slowly clearing away and I am feeling a lil more confident. I will be posting pictures soon to show the finished products.

XOXO~ Mamie

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