Wednesday, November 17, 2010

La Di Freakin Da!

In the words of the motivational speaker, I name this post after Matt Foley, the eccentric life coach played by Chris Farley, funniest man ever. Here is a preview of my booth at the La-di-da boutique. It is such a cute boutique, I am so glad I got in!

this is my necklace display

inside my large cloche display

my small cloche

I made these bows, you can use them for decorating.

handmade ornaments and tea dyed ol fashioned pipe cleaner candy canes

ahhhhh, my bracelets, love them

the whole table

from the other side

love these wreaths, made of vintage doilies and misc. stuff super cool!

I'm super tired tonight. So glad to have been able to finish everything. Tired of cranky teenage girls. The Sun's are loosing to the Heat. Ugh. On that note! I wish you would just shut your big yapper! (Matt Foley again)
XOXOX~(i really do!) Mamie

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