Sunday, November 21, 2010


I could just tell you that little kids pronounce my name "Amie" like "Mamie". That's really all there is to it. It has stuck throughout my life. But that would be to easy.

My niece Samantha started it. She is 26 now, but when she was 2, her momma would walk into the room and say. "Samantha Jo, who made this big mess?" and Samantha would just look up at her mom and say "Mamie did it, Mamie, Mamie, Mamie".

I was around 18 at the time and would proceed to argue with the 2 year old that it was not me. Which it really wasn't, but it was really funny.

Years later my friends little girl Juliana thought I was the bees knees. She loved me so much and I loved her. She would snuggle up to me and ever so sweetly ask me, "Mamie, would you paint my tingernails". How could I ever refuse that? I couldn't.

By now, most of my friends children and some of my friends call me Mamie. I love it, it's stuck for good.

So it just made sense to me to name my beloved business after this treasured name. Mamie. You know what? I think my grandchildren will probably call me Mamie. I think it's cute and rather appropriate.

XOXO~ Mamie

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