Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Things come in 3's

Photo courtesy of vintage rose wraps

I am easing myself back into the blogging world.

I had my 2nd daughter Johnnie help me with my etsy shop! Finally! It is up and running! check it out. I will be paying her to list my items for me, so helpful! So hopefully my lil shop will stay busy and full of cute items.

For today, I wanted to share somethings that truly make my life joyful. The neat thing about this is that 2 of the 3 things I am sharing are owned by 2 of my closest friends. Coinicidence? Yes, I racked my brain all day long thinking of 3 of my favorite things and these were my top 3.

Vintage rose wraps- I have a headband obsession in general, but these have proven to be my fav. They are most comfortable and fit by big head. They dress up or dress down any outfit I have. As gross as this sounds, they help me with sweating also. I wash them often. These goodies just work for me. Honestly, I wear them probably 5 days out of 7. Kudos to you VWR, I love ya.

photo courtesy of bloomingmill

Fresh Flowers, I am addicted and spoiled. I have to admit my house doesn't feel right without them. I am lucky enough to have Bloomingmill on speed dial. Stef and Jodi are good friends and always have the most beautiful, freshest flowers. They are so good to me. But they have created a monster. I gotta have fresh flowers.

If you aren't lucky enough to live here. Try keeping a small jar of mums, or daisy's around. Just for the fun of it. They brighten any dull day, and make your house feel so clean! I like white mums (they last forever) in a plain glass jar. So simple, yet fresh.

Citrus & Basil cleaner and hand soap from World Market. I have tried all the flavors but there is something about this one that makes my counters and kitchen smell so fresh and clean each time I use them. I love them and am addicted to them. They are both under 5$ so they wont break the bank but you will love them!

Well there you go! My top 3 favorite things! I would love to know yours! Please share!


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Jodi and Co. said...

Thank you for your darling post! I am grateful that you love flowers too! But you are right, there is something about fresh flowers (and I am not just saying that cause I am the flower lady)! I love the VRW headbands also! I will have to try your soap! Love you girl! xo

p.s Love your new blog! It fits you perfect!