Thursday, April 7, 2011

LGO Indie Shopfest

Yesterday Meg's, Millie and I headed into Phoenix for a boutique sponsored by La Grande Orange. Nie Nie tipped me off to LGO a few years back and I have found that it's food is just a heavenly as she described it. So yummy, my favorites on the menu. Margarita pizza and their Thai Chicken salad. Oh boy, that salad just tingles your taste buds! I can't get enough of it!

The boutique was a fun and fresh as the restaurant. My friend Kate was there with her Vintage rose wraps. Love, the wraps. (smile) I know you've heard me say that before! There were some more fresh and funky vendors that I will share with you. They all have etsy shops, which is so great because you can shop the same cute things that I saw yesterday at the shopfest! Gotta love Etsy!

There was flipped bird. I love these bags and accessories. Marci has been a favorite of mine for a while but lately she is expanding her product line and it is to die for! Check her out!

Megan and I fell in love with Jody from Art Wonders. Her jewelery is so cute! And priced so reasonably! There was so much to love but this owl necklace captured my heart! You will love Jody's shop as much as we did I am sure!

Grace from Finley and Oliver is genuinely on of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. Her T-shirts are so adorable! She has said she would customize and make them in ANY size, Megan is itching for a mustache T.

Well there you have it! Now go and have your own little boutique, virtually!


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Melissa said...

Totally getting a robot necklace from Art Wonders. I love love love her stuff.