Monday, November 2, 2009

Month for Thanks.........Day 2

Norma Lee and Gus
As you may have guessed along with posting super cute creations this month. I am going to try and feature something or someone I am grateful for every day.
So today, November 2nd 2oo9 I am especially grateful for my mom. Norma. I have called her that since I was about 12. Some people think that is weird but it seems normal for me. When I am with her I just say "Norm" and she answers. That is just the way it is between us.
How do I express thanks for this amazing woman? Well it is not easy to try to put all that I feel in my heart into words. But here it goes:
My mom taught me to love all of God's creations. To be tender to all living things. [Except for earwigs] This ability brings huge burdens to the tender hearted and she taught me to deal with that as well. She taught me to help the needy and stick up for the underdog. Thus being why we had an endless stream of homeless pets and people all throughout my childhood. Most of them bringing with them memories and stories to remember for the rest of my life.
My mom taught me to embrace my creativity. My Dad [who may just get his own day :)] was all business when it came to my grades, but my mom seemed to know I was trying and that I had many very important qualities about me. They just weren't coming in the form of A's and B's in school. When coming to my mom this past summer about my new idea to start mamie's treasures. She was so supportive and we shared ideas off of each other and we still do. I love that about her.
My mom is probably the most passionate person I know. She is no nonsense when it comes to improving yourself and making your situation better especially when it comes to your body and health. I know it is hard on her to see me struggle with my weight but she doesn't give up on me. She is always willing to listen to me and wants to help me wherever she can.
There is so much more to say about her. She is an amazing grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, caretaker and friend. I am so glad she got to raise me. I am so thankful for you mom. You are the best. I love you.


Clint & Janet said...

Well that explains it all...WHY you are the great, wonderful, caring and loving person you are...It's YOUR MOM and from the looks of things, you are just like her!!

Aim said...

Thanks Janet, that makes my day! Love you!

Chad & Melissa said...

I love Norma too. Can I be adopted?

Tatum said...

I gotta' agree. Norma is the best. Your mother has been so kind to me over the years. I remember being a kid and it was Easter at your house. And your mom put me to work in the kitchen, just like the rest of the family. And I have loved her ever since. I love your gratitude blogging. It makes me happy so thank you for doing it.

The Jacobson Family said...

At Target last Friday night and who did I run into? Your sweet mom and sister with Emily and Addie. So fun to see them....but made me miss your family A LOT!! Hope all is well, love you!