Thursday, November 5, 2009

Month for Thanks..........Day 5

Mesa Arizona Temple
Today has been a hard day. My girls have been kind of rough and moody. I don't want to complain but in all my heart is a little heavy. So I have honestly been trying to come up with something I am grateful for and although I do have many blessings. Nothing is jumping out at me. Than it hit me.
Today I needed to have a lot of FAITH to follow through with the day's responsibilities. To smile at others, to forgive. That sometimes is a hard one for me, to just say it's ok. I love you. Sometimes I don't want to forgive but my faith tells me I need to.
So I do.
I put a picture of our Temple here in Mesa. I love this place, it brings me much comfort and peace. It seemed like a good representation of my faith. Yes, today the one thing I am grateful for that is there for me regardless of my mood. Is my FAITH. Thank you. I needed this today.


Tatum said...

Sheesh. Teenage girls are so hard. Maybe we can send all of ours to some safe place until they get nice? Tee hee. I am off to find my own version of the Temple. I need it today.

Aim said...

Love ya Tate! Hope you found it.