Monday, November 2, 2009

Month for Thanks....................Day 3

Arlington National Cemetery

I have just finished a series of books about World War II. Although they were historical fiction I really loved learning about the war and the ultimate sacrifice that so many gave for this country and our freedom.

We live in amazing times. But to get to this point so much was given. So many lives lost. I need to show more respect for those who are serving our country today. I need to remember them in my prayers. I need my children to stand in awe when we get the opportunity to see a member of the armed forces. I need to be grateful every single day for the sacrifices made so I can live in this land of the free.

There are a lot of things wrong out there, I admit but there are a lot more things out there that are right. Our freedom is one of those things that is right. There is no doubt about it. Thank you.

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