Sunday, November 1, 2009

Month for Thanks..........

I saw this video on Nie Nie the other day and loved it. I wanted to share it and refer back to it often to help me during this month.

I am grateful today for my family, namely my children.[Scott deserves his own day] However much they stress me out. However much they conserve all their dirty clothes on their floors for the week then dump them all in the laundry hamper Saturday morning.

They love me. They forgive me easily. They think I am pretty. They give me kisses even if it is just on the cheek. They are my greatest creations and my most amazing achievements. Thank you Heavenly Father for lending me these children. I hope they get home to you in one piece.


I posted this on a Sunday evening. However this morning the same anonymous child of mine who dumped a TON of dirty clothes on me on Saturday is yelling at me that she CAN NOT take over 5 minutes to get a pair of socks in the basket! Hmmmmm me thinks she needs to do her own laundry. Lesson learned? I hope so.

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