Sunday, October 4, 2009

And sew it begins

I am having some difficulty posting my pictures. So bear with me and trust me that these finds are truly magnificent! I am selling these treasures and will sell more as I find them. I am happy to send clearer and larger pictures over e-mail until I figure this whole bloggy thingy out. You see I have been a huge fan of the blog world for years, it is like my morning cup of coffee but have never wanted to have one of my own. Due largely to my inability to operate a computer! So this is definitely going to be a stretch for me and Maddie my computer tech gal who is also my 12 year old daughter.

So anyways back to my treasures, the first being this fantastic old sewing machine that I snatched up at an antique store in Globe Arizona. It is altogether creepy but says so much. I have a ghostly piece of gauze that is being stitched by the invisible seamstress who operates this machine of the past. Glittery spiders and their webs adorn this piece to make it all together spooktacular!

Sewing machine is 20$, spiders placed by McCormick........priceless

Counting Crows, 22$ for both
{and I didn't buy them}
**but i wish i did**

I wish you could see these!
But I will do my best at describing them. I would use this as a centerpiece for my table. 2 black glitter candles accompany 2 black candle sticks covered with spooky black gauze with a glittery Halloween greeting. To top this arrangement off, 2 little glittery green spiders with a gloomy black sunflower make it Halloween glitz! [the whole arrangement for 15$] BoO!

Creepy Candelabra

I love this piece so much. It is a tarnished silver 3 tiered candelabra, with candles, flowers and ghoulishly ghastly gauze. Of course glitter spiders and their webs are atop the candles.
I am selling my cute glitzy spiders, in green, black or both!
[5 for 1$]

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