Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It was a wonderful fall break.
I truly love Autumn. It is my time of year.
To breathe, to laugh and to reflect on all that means so much to me.
We went to one of Scott's most favorite places in the world this last weekend. It was cool, and quiet. All of the things my body craves at the end of a long hot summer.
It was well worth the drive.
Now we are home, I am sitting here getting ready to concoct this weeks menu, then tackle the grocery store. My least favorite job to do as a mother. So I can cook dinner. My favorite job to do as a mother.
My house is quiet, my dog is asleep beside me. My motivation has decided not to come to work today.
Happy fall.
******pictures of Pine Valley Utah by Johnnie Snow******


Clint & Janet said...

Oh, Autumn. The country never looks as beautiful as when it is dying, thus. Morbid but true. Love the photos Johnnie.

bill, katie, and co. said...

**SIGHING** right with you.