Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still for sale

Candle arrangement
These two candlesticks come with black glitter candles, a spooky black sunflower and covered with glitzy spiders. It is super cute! It also comes with a little Halloween greeting in black glitter!
Cupcakes are made to order, 6 for 30$ They make a great little Halloween decoration. These are so fun I know you will love them as much as I do!

Spooky sewing machine
This is seriously such a one of a kind Halloween decoration! I know it is kind of bizarre but it really is unique. You could really use it year round as an antique.
Let me know if you are interested in these decorations. I still have glitter spiders left too!
Have a wonderful night!


Lori said...

Hey little Sis! We got on last week to admire your new blog and all the fabulous stuff on it! Don't think I responded? Or maybe I did on facebook??Anyway it is all amazing! I love it all and want it all! Are you really selling that sweing machine? and for 20$!!!!! It is so fun and cute! Anytime I see vintage stuff I think of you!
We have a fabric store in Preston now! Has lots of Mada fabric and accessories! You would love it. Next time you come we are going to go eat at "Off the traxx" for breakfast. It is a little shop that has antiques and you sit surrounded by them and eat!

Aim said...

That sounds so fun! Heaven in fact! I am glad you like everything. It has been so theraputic for me. I love love love doing it and looking forward to thinking of more stuff to do. My sewing is coming along. Not great but I try. I love you, hope you are well. Love Aim